Kinetic Stories on, the EDAwards and wins Finnish representation for WSA!

There will be only small breaks this summer for our expanded team while we continue research in to the technology and design required to really get kids involved in Kinetic Stories. The project has already produced two thesis works (in Finnish), but more are on the way for the autumn and winter (in English). A later blog post will cover these.

A while back, Kinetic Stories was featured on the website. The interview was conducted just prior to me leaving for the GDC in San Francisco. Personally I really liked the title of the blog “Delicode brings books to life”. At the same time we actually got picked as one of the finalists of the European Design Awards (in the category of miscellaneous digital). Even though we eventually didn’t get a medal, I understood Kinetic Stories should still be featured in the EDAwards book for this year. That’s very cool in itself!

While we didn’t get a medal at the EDAwards, the whole team was delighted to hear from that we’ve been picked as the Finnish representative to the prestigious Unesco backed World Summit Award in the category of “e-Entertainment and Games”. We (myself, Mari, Janne, Tommi, Amin as well as thesis workers/contributors Anu, Emma and Miia) are extremely grateful and happy for this honor. Wish us luck!