Kinetic Stories celebrated at MindTrek 2013

It seems MindTrek, held in Tampere, Finland, is becoming a yearly visit for the team. This year’s conference highs included a keynote from none other than Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (via Skype), Adam Montandon’s workshop on “The Awesome Department” and watching VFX supervisor Alan McKay show off his amazing work.

We were invited to take part in the event to celebrate our win at this year’s World Summit Award. As the official award ceremony will be held in a few weeks time in Sri Lanka, Colombo, and we were picking up the prizes for representing Finland, celebratory speeches were kept at a minimum. Nevertheless the evening was a memorable one – no small thanks to our wonderful hosts Cai, Bertta and Juha. Also a big cheer to Ilkka for picking up the other win for the amazing BlindSquare.

The third day of the Academic MindTrek event held in conjunction with the big conference saw a bit more of Kinetic Stories as Sami Kauppinen from our research partners Laurea University of Applied Sciences presented the first peer-reviewed paper in relation to Kinetic Stories. The paper, titled “Utilizing Gesture Recognition Technology in Children’s Interactive Storybook” covers some of the user research results from the very first Kinetic Stories prototype.

Julius picking up the prize at MindTrek 2013

Yours truly picking up the prize at MindTrek 2013 (picture by Cai Melakoski)