Kinetic Kids – Mari and Amin get their Masters

The past 1,5 weeks we’ve had reason to celebrate as two members of the Kinetic Stories development team at Delicode received their Masters. Needless to say we’re super proud of them both!

Developer Amin Alizadeh has just majored in Computer Science from Helsinki University. Amin’s theses, “Gesture Recognition based on Hidden Markov Models from Joints’ Coordinates of a Depth Camera for Kids Aged 3 to 8“, as well as his work at Delicode, has been largely focused on developing the gestural recognition software needed for successfully delivering Kinetic Stories to desktops and living rooms of the future.

Little more than a week before Amin, AD Mari Huhtanen received her Master of Arts from the Medialab at Aalto University. Mari’s theses (not yet available online), titled the “Kinetic Kid – Guiding Child Interaction within a Motion Game”, focuses on researching best practises for interaction and guidance for motion games targeted at young kids.


Amin and Mari at the Delicode offices!